The Well-Tel service provides a cost effective and patient-centred approach to the problem of 'Bed Blockers' - fundamentally well patients that block the admission of patients who have more immediate or intensive requirements. This group of patients often require minimal investigation or procedures that are not easy to co-ordinate efficiently and free up the bed for more acutely ill patients. Despite these patients requiring little or active clinical input the cost of keeping them in hospital remains very high.

Well-Tel offers a lower cost service that helps reduce Length of Stay issues and assist with after care packages that may otherwise lead to delays in discharge from acute care. It provides an innovative stepping-stone service that allows the seamless continuum of care in a cost-effective value for money care package. At the same time it maintains the momentum of the patient's continued recovery and supported discharge.

Well-Tel Mission

To provide Quality Based, Innovative and Patient Focussed Solutions, to Length of Stay, Discharge, Step Down and Intermediate Care Problems.

Well-Tel Ethos

To use our knowledge base, and expertise, working with stakeholder and client groups, to ensure that each and every WT Unit provides a flexible, responsive and value for money service, becoming a valued part of it’s local health economy and nationwide helping to improve the overall health and wellness agenda.