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Latest News

Responsive Redesign for UK Nursing Group Websites
9th March 2017
Following the completion of the new CCTV Camera London responsive redesign, we will be adding responsive functionality to the UK Nursing group websites.

Responsive Redesign for CCTV Camera London
8th March 2017
We are in the process of redeveloping the CCTV Camera London website to be fully responsive.

Ongoing Spire Healthcare Hospital Recruitment Open Day Events Campaign
2nd March 2017
We have been able to provide a successful platform to promote the Spire Hospital Open Day Events using a combination of; banners on the Nursing Agencies List; banners on the Nursing Events website; and postings across our social networking platform using Facebook and Twitter.

Renewal subscription charges for the Nursing Agencies List
1st March 2017
We have been able to hold back a price increase for the last couple of years. However, for this year (April 2017 - March 2018) prices are being increased by 5%: An Enhanced Listing is now £103.95+vat; A Premium Listing now £207.90+vat.

Update Activity on The Nursing Agencies List in 2016
31st December 2016
During 2016 we added 90 new office listings, deleted 25 and edited at least 29.

Latest Developments on the Nursing Agencies List
15th October 2015
We have developed a new administration function to allow management of Agencies working with Franchisees.

The Franchisees now have exclusive access to edit their listings and see the statistics. They can also now manage multiple offices as a Franchisee operation.